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Ordinary People: Donna

If you have any questions about the recent history of Africa Inland Mission and the key players in any event, simply knock on Donna’s front door.

My First Time Stepping Into Kibera

As my eyes tried to take it all in, I found myself at peace watching these people. Not one of them seemed upset, sad, or hurt. Almost all of them had smiles on their faces, and joy that was visible in their souls.

Becoming a Kid Again

They run on fear, on drugs, and on the will to survive one more day. Some, a few fortunate ones, run into a second chance.

Ordinary People: Krista

Leading a TIMO team in a Muslim town in central Chad wasn’t originally on Krista’s agenda. But because of her and her husband’s obedience, people are finding Christ.

A First-Name Friend

I knew there must be women in this community who could be my friends, and not just the kind that you chat with in passing, but someone I could really know.

Ordinary People: Anna

“Here, death and loss are such a common part of life that we realized we were not alone in having gone through such a painful experience like this.”

Animal Instinct: Discipling Veterinary Students in Uganda

“It’s easy for me to want to do all the treatments myself, but it is so much better for me to be training vets and setting them on the right path, so they can multiply themselves and head out into Uganda, working with integrity in their profession.”

Light in the Darkness: Radio Nuru

As infrastructure development slowly comes to Northern Mozambique, new villages are introduced to the miracle of electricity. AIM works to bring spiritual light to the Mwani people through the ministry of Radio Nuru (Radio Light).

The Music of Anzoro

Somewhere in that seemingly inattentive audience, there was one elderly catechist teacher who had inherited a set of instruments that the Zande people call anzoro. Like many of his people, this man associated the anzoro with dancing and drinking parties. Certainly it was not something to be brought to church.

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