Stories from our field writers and other contributors

Blurring the Lines

He hears what others from his area are telling him, about never going back. But he believes forgiveness is everything—and for him it means going back

Rising from the Ashes

“If we are going to heal fast, let us be able to meet the arsonist, so that as we meet with each other, day by day, God will be working in and through us to help not only heal us, but to forgive and restore these men to the original fellowship.”

Little Moments in Lopit

So maybe these are the best moments. Moments like now, when I can reflect upon where we once were and where we are now. When I can honestly say, I love these people.

Man with a Message

Once a man bent on self-destruction. Now a man spent for the Lord. Timothy is a living, breathing display of a God whose love is relentless. The humble pastor cannot walk these streets without testifying to this.

Hanneke’s Heart

“I treat them like human beings,” Hanneke says bluntly when I ask about her secret to ministering among those with AIDS. “I touch them. I hug them.” She makes it sound easy, but I marvel at her methods.


All forty-four were gathered in the main rehabilitation room. They sat on floor mats, a mass of giggles and crutches.

A Hill in the Heart of Congo

What brought Earl to choose that little hill upon which to build his life’s work, I don’t know. But seventy six years after setting foot on it, it is still a beacon of light to the Azande.

Lost and Found in Sudan

Panther, like Jacob’s favored son, was found, and he had a story to tell of God’s goodness and divine intervention – and a captive audience to hear it.

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