Nosy Be Christmas Gathering

Sep 3, 2015 | Bound to the Past, Guest Post, Southern Region, TIMO, Videos

Here is a glimpse of our TIMO team’s Christmas Gathering held on December 14th, 2014 on the small island of Nosy Be. The local band played many of their new songs, which were based on Scripture translated into their local language. Our team helped children craft little mangers, read and explained passages from the book of Matthew, and performed a drama written by one of our teammates. This was the first time we formally spoke about Jesus. We started with creation, moved to the fall, and ended with the birth of Jesus and how He came to save the world.

Please continue to pray for our friends and neighbors. Nearly 300 people showed up to this event, and we pray God will use this and other Gatherings like it to impact the Sakalava people of Madagascar.

Produced by Tori Alverson

Tori Alverson is originally from the great state of Texas. For the last couple of years, she has had the privilege of living life on the island of Nosy Be off the coast of Madagascar. The Sakalava culture, people, and islander lifestyle have been woven into her heart and will forever be a part of her. She will find any excuse to be outside with a camera in hand or on her deck with a good book and a cup of coffee.