Chari River Guesthouse and Retreat

Jan 10, 2017 | By Mobilizing Regions, Central Region, Chad, Videos

Chad is a challenging place to minister. The extreme heat in this landlocked nation can rise to 50 degrees Celsius (122F), and hundreds of years of Islamic influence have made for a challenging spiritual climate. But there are wonderful open doors for ministry here, where among 140 unique ethnic people groups, up to eighty are still unreached.

For this reason, AIM considers Chad one of our priority countries for reaching unreached peoples in the years ahead. While we already have a 25-year history with boots on the ground, the workers today truly are “few”. The harsh conditions, isolation, and a lack of reasonable options for ministry breaks (a flight to anywhere starts at $800 per person), our missionaries and their families are vulnerable.

We want to support and sustain these precious servants of God. Even Jesus had a need to occasionally retreat from his demanding ministry—in a time and place and culture that did not look much different from modern-day Chad. While there are no mountaintops here, the banks of the Chari river offer their own kind of serenity and solitude. And within the walls of this new retreat center, our missionaries might even find a garden.

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