Bound to the Past

Reaching the Sakalava and Antakarana peoples of Madagascar

The Antakarana and Sakalava are two people groups in Madagascar with little or no Christian witness.
 In the coming years, AIM hopes to change that.

The film, “Bound to the Past,” is set among two Malagasy communities – a traditional Sakalava village on the island of Nosy Be and a small Antakarana remnant on the island of Nosy Mitsio. Through the stories and perspectives of two youth, the film introduces each people group, their cultures, and the dark spiritual bondage common to many of Madagascar’s people.

Overcoming this barrier to faith and freedom in Christ first means overcoming others. Ministry in these remote locations will be challenging, but AIM is equipped to meet that challenge. TIMO, or Training In Ministry Outreach, is a two-year program designed to train future missionaries in cross-cultural ministry while actually working with an unchurched people group. The ultimate goal is to actually plant and establish a working and ministering church.

In the next 3 years, AIM hopes to place four new TIMO teams in Madagascar – 2 among the Sakalava, and 2 among the Antakarana. This upcoming outreach needs team members, team leaders, and prayer and financial partners. AIM’s desire is that these teams will unleash gifted Antakarana and Sakalava to start a church planting movement all across northern Madagascar.

Firm Foundations

What we’re attempting to do here among the Antakarana people is very much the same as building something new.

Sakalava Team Debrief

The Sakalava TIMO team from Madagascar talks about the debriefing process and celebrates a new church plant on their small island.

Nosy Be Christmas Gathering

The Sakalava TIMO team hosted a Christmas Gathering in 2014. It was the first time they formally spoke about Jesus.