Central Region

Establishing Christ-centered churches in Central African Republic (CAR), Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, South Sudan, and Uganda

AIM’s Central Region is geographically our largest region, with a diversity of land stretching from the Harmattan wind-swept deserts of northern Chad to the luxuriant hills of Rwanda. For decades, this area has been troubled by recurring political and social instability including civil war, political coups, and genocide. Churches have weathered one storm only to be struck by another.

Syncretism and the enduring power of traditional belief systems have been impediments to spiritual growth in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic. The hegemony of Islam in Chad and staunch animism in South Sudan have been formidable barriers to missionary activity. And yet the persecution of African Christians over the past fifty years has not stopped millions of people from professing Jesus as Savior and establishing His kingdom on earth.

AIM’s vision in Central Region is for there to be a growing intimacy with Christ, so that the image of Christ is reflected and unity is increased in the Body. This vision is expressed through transformational discipleship that develops meaningful relationships that inspire obedient faith. In the process, we hope to walk with the Holy Spirit as God transforms individuals, churches, and entire communities into His likeness.

Move Against the Fear

What do you take on a trip like that? Good boots and a Bible. A notebook and an open mind. And, if you dare, an open heart.

So We Do Not Lose Heart

Perhaps a better question is how can we lose heart, when Rwandans themselves – who have suffered so much – refuse to do so? Rather than blame God for their problems, they look to Him for solutions

Shake Hands with the Devil

Surrounded by those bones, visualizing the magnitude of what had happened there, I had a real sense of Satan’s involvement. The organizational effort to rally a million people to turn against their neighbor has his fingerprints all over it.

Little Moments in Lopit

So maybe these are the best moments. Moments like now, when I can reflect upon where we once were and where we are now. When I can honestly say, I love these people.

A Hill in the Heart of Congo

What brought Earl to choose that little hill upon which to build his life’s work, I don’t know. But seventy six years after setting foot on it, it is still a beacon of light to the Azande.