Diaspora Stories


Today, millions of Africans live outside of Africa: in North America, Europe, and around the globe – the African diaspora. There are pockets of Sudanese in Nebraska, Moroccans in the Netherlands, and Senegalese in Spain. Reaching out to these populations, and others like them, is called diaspora ministry.

God’s original call on Africa Inland Mission (AIM) was to go to the ‘Inlands’; Africa’s unreached; those who have yet to hear of the saving gospel of Christ. Many of those people groups remain unreached because they are difficult to access; because of their geographical location or increasingly, because adherence to Islam means that traditional mission work is not possible in their countries. But now, people in those locations are coming to us.

Whether they are economic migrants, international students, undocumented immigrants, refugees or asylum seekers, one fact remains the same – They are the new neighbors our churches are called to love.

Learn more, and opportunities to serve, on the AIM Diaspora Website:

Jesus on the Diaspora Road

Though AIM has had a long history of ministry to diaspora Africans, a new perspective on mission in the 21st century is causing us to increase our efforts. First and foremost is our desire to come alongside the church in North America and Europe to equip them for effective outreach.

What is Diaspora Ministry?

Bringing the Good News of Jesus to Africa’s hardest to reach people does not always mean a move to Africa.

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