Diaspora Region

Establishing a viable gospel witness among every African unreached people group living abroad.

An estimated 200 million Africans live off of the continent of Africa.

In a changing world where more and more Africans live in countries other than their homelands, AIM continues to center its vision on reaching the people of Africa, and is now thinking beyond the borders of the African continent to follow God’s call and reach them where they are. There are pockets of Sudanese in Nebraska, Moroccans in the Netherlands, and Senegalese in Spain. Reaching out to these populations, and others like them, is called diaspora ministry, the focus of AIM’s new fifth region.

AIM continues to seek partnerships with Christ-centered, biblically-based churches where the African diaspora is substantial. Working in cooperation with these churches, AIM missionaries have a new and unique opportunity to preach the gospel openly in places where we have the freedom to do so. Many immigrant Africans come from locations where it is difficult, or even illegal, to proclaim Christ publicly. Our hope is to see Africans come to a lifesaving faith in Jesus Christ, whether they be from South Sudan, San Francisco, or anywhere in between. The Great Commission tells us to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). Today, those nations are spread around the globe, and so our effort must be also.

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