Eastern Region

Establishing Christ-centered churches in Kenya and Tanzania

AIM’s Eastern Region is composed of Kenya and Tanzania. AIM began its work here over 100 years ago, and to this day, maintains a strong base of operations in these two neighboring countries. The region has a combined population of just over 80 million people, peppered from the tropical coast, to temperate highlands, and (more sparingly) into the scorching desert— with ever-increasing numbers seeking opportunities in major city centers such as Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam.

We partner with Kenyans and Tanzanians to promote and facilitate outreach among the region’s unreached. Over the past century, AIM missionaries have developed strategic ministries in health care, theological education, and church planting. And while Kenya and Tanzania both have a well-established church today, over 50 people groups (representing seven million individuals) have yet to hear the Good News. Most reside in east and central Tanzania, as well as coastal and northern Kenya where Islam has a long history and a growing influence.

Rising from the Ashes

“If we are going to heal fast, let us be able to meet the arsonist, so that as we meet with each other, day by day, God will be working in and through us to help not only heal us, but to forgive and restore these men to the original fellowship.”

Man with a Message

Once a man bent on self-destruction. Now a man spent for the Lord. Timothy is a living, breathing display of a God whose love is relentless. The humble pastor cannot walk these streets without testifying to this.

Hanneke’s Heart

“I treat them like human beings,” Hanneke says bluntly when I ask about her secret to ministering among those with AIDS. “I touch them. I hug them.” She makes it sound easy, but I marvel at her methods.


All forty-four were gathered in the main rehabilitation room. They sat on floor mats, a mass of giggles and crutches.