Eastern Region

Establishing Christ-centered churches in Kenya and Tanzania

AIM’s Eastern Region is composed of Kenya and Tanzania. AIM began its work here over 100 years ago, and to this day, maintains a strong base of operations in these two neighboring countries. The region has a combined population of just over 80 million people, peppered from the tropical coast, to temperate highlands, and (more sparingly) into the scorching desert— with ever-increasing numbers seeking opportunities in major city centers such as Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam.

We partner with Kenyans and Tanzanians to promote and facilitate outreach among the region’s unreached. Over the past century, AIM missionaries have developed strategic ministries in health care, theological education, and church planting. And while Kenya and Tanzania both have a well-established church today, over 50 people groups (representing seven million individuals) have yet to hear the Good News. Most reside in east and central Tanzania, as well as coastal and northern Kenya where Islam has a long history and a growing influence.

Water is Life

Living water for the nomadic peoples of Northern Kenya

Moffat Bible College

Moffat Bible College, located in Kijabe, Kenya, has taught and discipled countless rural and urban Kenyan pastors.

Rift Valley Academy

Rift Valley Academy, a Christian boarding school in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya, has provided a safe environment and quality education to countless missionary children.

Room for a Few More

Make your everyday life a spiritual act of worship and constantly remind yourself, “This is what God has called me to do.” Just hanging out with the boys is part of worship and part of praising God.

Seeing A Way Out

“As a church and observers, we are brought into the situation—and we can be brought into the solution,”

Blurring the Lines

He hears what others from his area are telling him, about never going back. But he believes forgiveness is everything—and for him it means going back