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Ministry in Chad

Welcome to Chad, a landlocked and harsh expanse, situated in the middle of the African continent and spanning the transition from desert to jungle, touching both sides of a divide between Christian and Muslim Africa. It’s a land of mystery and, most certainly, adventure – with uncharted territories, caravans, Sultans, and a fast-growing capital city. It is also home to fourteen million souls and two hundred distinct ethnic groups. It’s a land of tremendous potential for the gospel.

In many ways, Chad is unique in this regard. At 61% Muslim and neighbor to some of the world’s most protective Islamic states, you wouldn’t expect to get a “missionary visa” to live in Chad; but you can. While the culture and the government tend to favor Muslims, the state is openly declared to be secular, and religious freedom is supported. Chad is also home to a somewhat gentler, more open variety of Islam that regards any serious “man of religion” as a man (or woman) to be honored. This includes Christians.

Africa Inland Mission began working in Chad in 1987, following twenty-five years of turmoil since its independence from France and at a time when war, once again, was escalating. The work began alongside other mission agencies who’d formed a cooperative fellowship linked with the Eglise Evangelique au Tchad (EET), and together, they discovered 181 people groups in Chad, speaking 135 different languages. Of these peoples, 115 of them lacked a church. Today, there are still 73 unreached people groups in Chad. That’s around 6,898,000 people who currently have little opportunity to hear the gospel.

“Further Inland: Ministry in Chad” is a series of stories from the ground. Stories that introduce us to some of the unique people groups in the country. Stories that inspire us to pray. Stories that encourage us to join in this Great Commission work.

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Vibrant Hope

On a bright and dusty morning in Ndjamena, Chad, joyful voices of praise permeate the air.

Further Inland: Chad

Africa Inland Mission has an open door to serve in Chad. It is not an easy task, but there is tremendous potential for the gospel.

Leaning In: AIM’s Push for Chad

The whole scene with the carpets in the dust seemed very Biblical to me. Stately men in robes, reclining at the foot of an elder, bending an ear. But the sight also struck me as a metaphor for the country as a whole. A country at a crossroads. A country leaning in.

Wellspring Academy

Wellspring Academy provides quality education for children whose parents serve in N’djamena, Chad.