Northern Region

Establishing Christ-centered churches in North African nations

Christians today owe much of their spiritual understanding to the brilliant thinkers who lived and studied in North Africa during the first centuries AD. Tertullian, Origen, Cyprian, Athanasius and St. Augustine—these were giants of the faith whose writings helped lay an enduring theological foundation for the Church.

Over the centuries, however, North Africa transformed from a bastion of Christianity to a fortress of Islam. Today governments across the Maghreb rule (at least in principle) according to a Muslim worldview. Country flags are bathed in the emblems of red, black, white and green which have for centuries been associated with political Islam.

Communities have erected formidable defense systems to guard against the perceived decadence and perversion of Western influence, which is often undistinguished from Christendom. Muslim calls to prayer echo through city streets, setting the day’s rhythm. Crime is often severely punished under Sharia (Islamic) law. Homicide rates are low and HIV/AIDS, which has ravaged much of Sub-Saharan Africa, has been duly kept at bay.

And yet, the vigorous commitment to protecting heritage and faith has created an inward-looking people who fear the outside world, including emissaries of Christianity. As a result, North Africa contains the greatest number of unreached people groups on the continent. The vision for AIM’s Northern Region is to establish secure methods of working among resistant people groups while boldly proclaiming the message of salvation. Our workers tread carefully, but with confidence. Like Joshua, they enter these modern Jerichos with conviction; but instead of sounding trumpets, they tear down walls through a still, small Voice—sharing eternal hope through subtle stories and genuine friendships.

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Northern Region

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Walking in Shadow

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