Ordinary People

God delights in taking ordinary people and using them to accomplish His extraordinary purposes.

Missionaries are only human.

But so often, they are placed on a pedestal, seen as “super-godly” individuals, and often misunderstood. This series introduces you to missionaries throughout Africa Inland Mission, people who live in vastly different countries and environments and who engage in vastly different ministries. Come meet these missionaries, these people who have answered God’s call to missions and are seeing Him work in wondrous ways, and explore whether you could be one of these “Ordinary People” as well.

Ordinary People: Phil and Linda

How does a family-practice doctor with a love for sailing end up as the leader of a ministry team in the remote hills of landlocked South Sudan?

Ordinary People: Wayne and Joyce

Wayne and Joyce started their life on the Kenyan coast among the Digo people back in 1987, and now they are spreading their passion for missions to a younger generation.

Ordinary People: Forrest and Purity

In the summer of 1990, after a short-term mission trip to northern Kenya, south Californian Forrest discovered that Africa had gotten into his blood.