Missionaries are pretty much like everyone else…

Not extraordinary in and of themselves. But they travel a different path than most. A path of submission to God’s call and will. A path of service, sacrifice, and sometimes suffering. They cross oceans and cross cultures and then somehow find a way to live a normal life – all while being a stranger in the place they call home and being a messenger of the gospel where there are too few. Life plays out against a backdrop of the unfamiliar, and sometimes, the unbelievable. If you could sit down and listen to a few heartfelt stories of their journey, what would they share? What factors brought them to this unusual place? How has God revealed himself to them? These are some of the real people who represent what it means to be a real missionary. Imperfect. On a journey of discovery. Sharing God’s heart for the nations and privileged to be caught up in His redeeming work in Africa.

Explore this ongoing series of personal stories and insights shared by AIM missionaries.

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