Shepherd Outreach

Living among and proclaiming Christ to Lesotho’s most marginalized people

The shepherds of Lesotho may grow up illiterate, impoverished, and completely separated from mainstream life and culture. Yet, they are meeting Christ in their own way.

In the fall of 2014, Africa Inland Mission launched an outreach initiative among Lesotho’s highland shepherds, a largely marginalized subculture who spend most of their days in isolation tending large flocks of sheep and goats. The team of four men live and work alongside their new shepherd friends and are introducing scripture-based stories to share the Good News. “Pray for the shepherds,” writes team member Mark Eekhoff, “that they might have open hearts to the Gospel.”

Growing Nations

Redeeming people’s relationship with nature is literally transforming the landscape in Africa.

Set Apart

The shepherds of Lesotho, marginalized in the culture but set apart for God

Soil, Sheep, and the work of a King

The message to the farmers and shepherds of Lesotho is that God, amazingly, relates to their disparaged vocations. And through them, he is working out his purposes for Lesotho