TIMO “Embedded”

A front-lines video series shot by staff and members of AIM’s TIMO teams

The TIMO Embedded Project:

Sometimes the best stories are not those told by professionals with fancy gear. Sometimes they are simply the ones which can be shared, raw and unpolished, by people living the story themselves. AIM has placed dozens of TIMO teams in difficult and distant places throughout the years – places hard to frequent by visitors or media pros. So we outfitted TIMO with a set of quality cameras and a home-made field guide and asked them to capture glimpses of TIMO ministry. Camera memory cards are sent up to the media office in Nairobi via bus where they are then edited and returned. This gallery is the result. It hosts an ever-growing series, and together, these short videos give a broader picture of the life, faith, and adventure that is TIMO.

What is TIMO?

A ministry initiative of Africa Inland Mission (AIM), TIMO is a two-year mission program designed to accomplish three objectives: To equip new missionaries with a foundation for a lifetime of ministry, to share Jesus Christ with Africa’s least-reached peoples, and to see Christ-centered churches established among them.