Productions from On Field Media and freelance contributors

Men of Mission

They follow God into lives of rare adventure. Lives where a man’s strengths and passions are spent for a greater cause.

Where There is no Training

Imagine being the only pastor for five, or even ten, scattered congregations? This is the reality for many of Africa’s rural pastors, and the reason for The Multi-Church Pastor Institute.

The Sound of Shalom

Shalom University, located in Bunia, DRC, has the potential to effect transformation in the Congo.

The Sakalava People

An interview with Rosina, a TIMO team leader for AIM’s outreach to the Sakalava of Madagascar

Bound to the Past

A short film based on the true stories of two Malagasy youth – their lives, hopes, and fears

Growing Nations

Redeeming people’s relationship with nature is literally transforming the landscape in Africa.

Set Apart

The shepherds of Lesotho, marginalized in the culture but set apart for God

Water is Life

Living water for the nomadic peoples of Northern Kenya

AIM Identity Video

Africa Inland Mission’s vision to see Christ-centered churches among all African peoples


Beginning the journey into missions – What new AIM members can expect