and AIM is witness to some of His work here on the front lines of ministry among Africa’s peoples. We believe these stories are worth telling – to encourage and challenge the Church, and to simply bring glory to God. This site is a hub of missions-focused storytelling, with contributions from freelancers, missionaries, communications teams, and our very own field-based media ministry. Feel free to share them, as we together “declare His glory among the nations.” (Psalm 96:3)

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Ordinary People: Rosina

As a Sakalava woman herself, Rosina has a deep desire to bring the gospel to her people.

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Men of Mission: Mountain Men

The third episode in a series of short videos highlighting young men who have chosen missions. Will you be one of them?

Men of Mission: Trailblazers

The second episode in a series of short videos highlighting young men who have chosen missions. Will you be one of them?


TIMO Embedded

Raw glimpses of TIMO life and ministry
Filmed on location throughout Africa by outreach team members and staff

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Ordinary People

God delights in taking ordinary people and using them to accomplish His extraordinary purposes. You could be one of them.

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Men of Mission

God created men with unique passions and strengths—and He calls them to a life of “rare adventure”—to risk, to trust, and to be spent for a greater cause.

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Bound to the Past

The Antakarana and Sakalava are two people groups in Madagascar with little or no Christian witness.
 In the coming years, AIM hopes to change that.

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Shepherd Story

The shepherds of Lesotho may grow up illiterate, impoverished, and completely separated from mainstream life and culture. Yet, they are meeting Christ in their own way.

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A Samburu Wedding

A Samburu Wedding Photography by Grant Swanepoel ; Samburu warriors of northern Kenya are young, unmarried men, who are literally the people’s army, offering protection from enemy tribes and from wild animals. Under the oversight of the elders, the warriors...

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