and AIM is witness to some of what He is doing among Africa’s peoples. We believe these stories are worth telling – to encourage and challenge the Church, and to simply bring glory to God. This site is a hub of missions-focused storytelling, with contributions from freelancers, missionaries, communications teams, and our very own field-based media ministry. Feel free to share them, as we together “declare His glory among the nations.” (Psalm 96:3)

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When the Sacrifice Brings Joy

The Karimojong are a people group who live off the beaten path. Theirs is a way of life most of us think of when we think of Africa.

Fire in the Hills

Fire in the Hills

Story and Photos by Sean W.   ddy and Ange Silva woke up to the smell of smoke. It was the middle of the night and the whole house was full of ash. They leapt out of bed and looked outside to see fire coming down the...

TIMO – Equipping People for Missions

TIMO – Equipping People for Missions

TIMO is created for those who feel called to go to the mission field and want to be fully equipped for the task. This 2-3 year training program is designed to prepare people for long-term ministry.

Did You Bring a Story?

Did You Bring a Story?

Story by Rebekah Saylor Photos by Jordan Andre and Mark Eekhoff   Serving as part of AIM's Training in Ministry Outreach (TIMO) team among the Zigua people of Tanzania, Rebekah Saylor is working to translate a series of Scripture-based stories into the Zigua...

Freedom and Faith: Botu’s Story

Freedom and Faith: Botu’s Story

By Eddie Anderson hen a lack of rain caused famine in the Gabbra community where Eddie and Rachel serve, the couple knew they had to do something. They raised relief funds to help their neighbors, as they continued to share...

A Well of Life in the Desert

A Well of Life in the Desert

Story and Photos by Sean W.   he desert stretches on for miles. The landscape is enormous. Villages and shepherds dot the hills. Heat, water shortages, and camel herds are daily life. The world of the Bible comes alive...


A Heart for Zemio

Praying for the unreached Mbororo and the Zande church of war-ravaged Central African Republic

Stories of Growth

Celebrating the Establishment of Reproducing Churches Among Unreached People Groups

Further Inland

In Chad, there are more than 70 unreached people groups waiting for workers to bring them the Good News.

Ordinary People

God delights in taking ordinary people and using them to accomplish His extraordinary purposes. You could be one of them.

Men of Mission

God created men with unique passions and strengths—and He calls them to a life of “rare adventure”—to risk, to trust, and to be spent for a greater cause.

Bound to the Past

The Antakarana and Sakalava are two people groups in Madagascar with little or no Christian witness.
 In the coming years, AIM hopes to change that.

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