Courageous Calling

Africans Leading the Way in the Great Commission

The African Church – growing, vibrant, and confident in the Gospel – has tremendous untapped potential to reach this beautiful continent and beyond.

In 1895, the church in our traditional mobilizing countries (America, England, Canada. etc.) was strong, and the church in Africa, with a few exceptions, was almost non-existent. In 2018, the tables are turned: the church has declined in our traditional mobilizing countries, and is booming in virtually all sub-Saharan African countries. Jesus Christ is building His church in Africa. And the Lord of the Harvest is calling more and more African laborers into His harvest fields.

AIM is excited to play a part in inviting, equipping, sending, training, serving, and encouraging African workers to take the gospel to the remaining unreached peoples of Africa and beyond.

Explore this ongoing series about Africans on the front lines of this work, and AIM’s part in it.



Getting With the Program

Because of the complexity of mobilisation, the Hub is engaged in researching new culturally appropriate models of mission, as well as helping to build capacity within new and inexperienced African missions organisations.

When a Little Bit of Coconut Opens Doors

On the coast of Kenya and Tanzania, the Madafu Fellowship Network serves as a constant reminder of how cross-cultural workers should conduct ourselves among the coastal unreached people groups.

Crossing the Sahara

What a joy it is for AIM to participate with other Kingdom minded groups and networks in fostering gospel movements of discipleship to Christ within every people, region and strata of society across the North.

2018- Year of African Mobilization

The door is still open for missionaries from any nation who answer the Lord’s call. As my family and I learned serving in the Islands and the Horn, there is a wonderful strength and blessing in partnerships between foreigners and locals.

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